If you are interested in becoming an exhibitor or you already are registered, then you will find all the information you need about the event here.


Two items to note:

  1. It is strongly suggested that each exhibitor bring at least two representatives to this event.
  2. Exhibitors should have their booths set-up and ready to go by 4:00pm on Wednesday, October 16, 2024. Please do not arrive later than 2:00pm on Wednesday October 16, 2024.




Stronco Exhibitor Order Forms

Stronco provides the following products and services for exhibitors.

  • Exhibit Rentals
  • Installation & Dismantling Labour
  • Carpet & Underpadding
  • Display Tables & Drapery
  • Counters, Storage & Display Units
  • Accessories & Office Furnishings
  • Sofas, Chairs, Tables & Stools
  • Signs & Graphics
  • In-Booth Forklift Services
  • Advance Show Receiving
  • Transportation Services

Booking form links will be available shortly.

Enercare Centre & Showtech Order Forms

Enercare Centre provides the following services: 

  • Indoor Internet and Computer Rental order form
  • Signage and Banner Installation order form
  • Parking Pass order form
  • Indoor Telecommunications Services order form
  • Distribution Grid Services order form
You can order electrical and lighting for your booth via Showtech Power and Lighting.

All services can be ordered online.  (Chrome Browser recommended)

Booking form links will be available shortly.


  • All shipments of materials and booth supplies are the responsibility of the exhibitor. We do recommend that all shipments be forwarded to the show through the show decorator Stronco, to make sure that they are delivered in a timely manner.
  • All arrangements and costs involved in these shipments and the material handling at the show site are to be paid by the exhibitor.
  • Anyone wishing to ship items directly to Enercare Centre for use in their booth, must make sure they arrive between 5:00am and 3:00pm on Wednesday October 16.
  • All large items requiring a forklift to transfer to your booth, must be delivered to Enercare Centre between 5:00am and 12:00pm on Wednesday October 16. The items will be moved to your booth space for your arrival.
  • There will be no forklift available on Thursday October 17, until move out.

Move In

  • The Enercare Centre requires Union Labour (see following section) thus all hired labour used to set up/take down booths and Audio/Visual equipment must be UNIONIZED!
  • Move In will be available on Wednesday October 16 during the day
    • Booths of four (4) units or more can move in from 6:00am
    • Booths less than four (4) units can move in from 12:00pm
  • Booths must be set up by 3:00pm. Doors to the public will open at 4:00pm Wednesday October 16.
  • Loading dock availability allocated on a first-come first-served basis.
  • A forklift is available to move large items. Contact Barry Adamson on the loading dock to arrange forklift use.
  • On October 17 the loading dock will NOT open until move out.

Move Out

  • Tear down of booths is NOT permitted until after 2pm, October 17.
  • An announcement will be made that the exhibit hall is officially closed and that exhibitors may begin tearing down and moving out.
  • Any exhibitor dismantling or leaving prior to the announcement will be charged $500.00.
  • A forklift will be available through Barry Adamson, and both the forklift and loading dock will be on a first come first served basis.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for passing along this information to all outside companies they are using.

Enercare Centre has a contract with Local 506 in Toronto, and IATSE to provide the labour for the show setup.  Please review the following information to assess your labour needs and assist in your planning:

FIRST STEP:  Contact Barrileigh at aProductions to discuss your booth setup and she will assist in determining what kind of labour you will require. The requirement of having union labour involved in setting up your booth is dependent on the type of booth you have, not necessarily the size of your booth.  If you do require to use union labour, we will assist in planning by identifying your booth components that require union labour and by using pooled labour so you only pay for labour you need and use.

You Require Union Labour if any of these are true:

  • You have an exhibit company that sets up your booth, your exhibit company needs to use union labour.
  • You have paid labourers outside of your regular booth staff to setup your booth, you will need to use union labour for this work.
  • You need the use of a forklift to move the contents of your booth, or if you have to use pallets to bring your booth onto the event floor, you will need to use union labour.
  • Your booth has architectural components or structures that are significant in their setup i.e. backdrops with arches, anything that requires tools to assemble, any three-dimension structures beyond simple backdrops and display or pull-up units

You will not require Union Labour if this is true of your booth setup:

  • You can bring all the contents onto the show floor using Enercare carts and dollies i.e. you don’t need a forklift.
  • Your booth setup is composed of pieces that are easily assembled by reps and the pieces are simple and not structurally significant i.e. pullups, booth backdrop, collateral displays

Audio Visual Setup and Union Labour

  • If you have A/V that is college-owned, you can set it up on your own i.e. if you plan to bring a TV from your college and mount it on a college-owned stand, you wouldn’t need union labour
  • If you are renting A/V or have an outside vendor bringing A/V, you will need union labour to set it up
  • If you have plans to bring audio-visual elements to your booth, please let Barrileigh know and she will determine if you need union labour.  Charis DeNobrega (416-263-3064 ) of Exhibitor Services will review your needs with you and will plan the union labour requirements with IATSE to pool the exhibitor needs so exhibitors only pay for time worked, saving significant money on minimum charges

Online credit card payment will be accepted upon registration. We suggest you use the online credit card payment in order to ensure your payment is received before the payment deadline. Payment in full must be received before October 4, 2024 to secure your booth location. A receipt will be emailed directly to you upon completion of payment.

Booth power and internet must be ordered directly from Enercase using the forms above. There is public wifi available in the exhibit halls but it is not reliable for both activations.

Parking passes can be ordered in advance through the Enercare Centre. You can call the Enercare Centre and make arrangements for these to be mailed to you in advance.

  • Any exhibitor using music/sound will be required to place speakers in such a way that the sound is directed toward the back of their booth space and not out into the main exhibit area.
  • All recruiting, marketing and public relations activities must take place within the allocated booth space,  or within the presentation rooms during time allocated to the institution.
  • No displays may be attached to the drapes or wall decorations or hung from the ceiling. Signage can however be hung from the ceiling, and installation must be arranged with Enercare Centre prior to the event.
  • Displays cannot exceed 14 feet at the highest point – this includes all aspects of the display unit, including display hardware, balloons, projections, signage, etc.
  • All display items, including, but not limited to display racks, easels, temporary floors must remain within the allocated booth space. The allocated booth space is identified by the carpeted area.
  • All displays and activities within the allocated booth space must meet the health & safety regulations and all regulatory conditions of the Enercare Centre
  • All display materials including banners must be flame-proofed and are subject to inspection by the Toronto Fire Department. No inflammable liquids or substances may be used or shown in booths. Open flamed candles and the use of fireworks are strictly prohibited.
  • A copy of the Enercare Centre guidelines for exhibitors will be provided if requested, however additional regulations may be set by the OCF Organizing Committee. Displays or exhibits containing or using any form of liquid first must be approved by the Organizing Committee and then by the Event Manager of the Enercare Centre.


Due to a large city wide conference the OCIF team have not been able to secure a hotel and group rate for the 2024 event.

Restaurants and Shopping near Sheraton Hotel

If you head east on Queen St you’ll get to the mall before you get to Yonge St.

Go west on Queen St (past University Ave.) shortly after you’ll come across many little shops, boutiques, and eateries.

Café Crepe

246 Queen St W
Distance from Hotel: 550m

Reds Wine Tavern
77 Adelaide St W
Distance from Hotel: 400m

Il Fornello
214 King St W
Distance from Hotel: 700m

18 Wellington St W
Distance from Hotel: 900m

57 Adelaide St E
Distance from Hotel: 900m

Irish Embassy Pub & Grill
49 Yonge St
Distance from Hotel: 1km

Kimchi Korea House
149 Dundas St W
Distance from Hotel: 550m

Chipotle Mexican Grill
Yonge-Dundas Square
Distance from Hotel: 950m

Jack Astor’s Bar & Grill
10 Dundas St E
Distance from Hotel: 900m

Kit-Kat Italian Bar & Grill
297 King St W
Distance from Hotel: 1km

Restaurants near Enercare Centre

1005 King St W or 85 Hanna Ave
Distance from Enercare Centre1.2km (King St) or 1.8km (Hanna Ave)

Tim Hortons
952 King St. West
Distance from Enercare Centre1km

Aroma Espresso Bar (Coffee, Tea, Salads, Pastry, Sandwiches/Subs)
120 Lynn Williams St
Distance from Enercare Centre1.2km

Café Parisco (French –Bakery,Coffee, Tea)
215 Fort York Blvd.
Distance from Enercare Centre700m

Hero Certified Burgers
171 East Liberty Street
Distance from Enercare Centre1.2km

Panago Pizza
120 Lynn Williams St
Distance from Enercare Centre1.2km

Brazen Head(Pub Food)
165 E Liberty St
Distance from Enercare Centre1.2km

Williams Landing Bar & Grill(Bistro)
120 Lynn Williams St
Distance from Enercare Centre1.2km


Barrileigh Price
OCF Event Manager

Email: ocif@aprod.com (on behalf of the Committee)

Phone: 905 885 1721 (please DO NOT use this number if you are a student looking for information on finding or attending a college. Please go to ontariocolleges.ca)