Important Information about Union Labour at Enercare Centre

Enercare Centre has a contract with Local 506 in Toronto, and IAESTE to provide the labour for the show setup.  Please review the following information to assess your labour needs and assist in your planning:

FIRST STEP:  Contact Barrileigh at aProductions to discuss your booth setup and she will assist in determining what kind of labour you will require. The requirement of having union labour involved in setting up your booth is dependent on the type of booth you have, not necessarily the size of your booth.  If you do require to use union labour, we will assist in planning by identifying your booth components that require union labour and by using pooled labour so you only pay for labour you need and use.

You Require Union Labour if any of these are true:

You have an exhibit company that sets up your booth, your exhibit company needs to use union labour.You have paid labourers outside of your regular booth staff to setup your booth, you will need to use union labour for this work.You need the use of a forklift to move the contents of your booth, or if you have to use pallets to bring your booth onto the event floor, you will need to use union labour.Your booth has architectural components or structures that are significant in their setup i.e. backdrops with arches, anything that requires tools to assemble, any three-dimension structures beyond simple backdrops and display or pull-up units

You will not require Union Labour if this is true of your booth setup:

You can bring all the contents onto the show floor using Enercare carts and dollies i.e. you don’t need a forklift.Your booth setup is composed of pieces that are easily assembled by reps and the pieces are simple and not structurally significant i.e. pullups, booth backdrop, collateral displays

Audio Visual Setup and Union Labour

If you have A/V that is college-owned, you can set it up on your own i.e. if you plan to bring a TV from your college and mount it on a college-owned stand, you wouldn’t need union labourIf you are renting A/V or have an outside vendor bringing A/V, you will need union labour to set it upIf you have plans to bring audio-visual elements to your booth, please let Barrileigh know and she will determine if you need union labour.  Jim Lee of Exhibitor Services will review your needs with you and will plan the union labour requirements with IAESTE to pool the exhibitor needs so exhibitors only pay for time worked, saving significant money on minimum charges